Sabtu, 19 November 2011


what i wear :
animal printed - long sleeves 
leggings - belle by stfebian
unbranded sunglasses
vintage bags - papilon
connexion wedges

Selasa, 01 November 2011

awesome !!!

I really did not expect for this. once shocking, and unexpected. I entered and selected asone of the "tag of the week" in Gogirl! Magz. this may be one form of reward is very small,but I was pretty proud of this. of hundreds and even thousands of finalists who may have more advantages than me. very, very enjoyable. from there, I started to follow the trend and expected to become a fashion stylist or a fashion blogger who is really my dream. canmeet and make friends with designers throughout the country.
and I hope again, my boutique with the results of my hard work to design everything.desperate need of struggle, with my age was 16 years old, but my determination to have capital can develop hobbies and talents that exist, I really want to succeed in what I have and I woke up from below.

blaster boosterth

this is my design (too)